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Close Body Protection

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Facility Security Services


Protection of politicians and diplomats

  1. Protection of politicians and diplomats - Our bodyguards have undergone special training in the situations arising around politicians and diplomats. We have of course obtained all the necessary permissions required to give the principal the best imaginable protection against both national and international threats.
  2. Dignitary of Celebrities - If you are a celebrity, a VIP or for any reason are in need of protection we can help you feel safe. We are accustomed to situations involving media and crowds of people.
  3. Family Protection at home and while traveling - If your family needs protection we will handle it. Our bodyguards are trained to act discrete and blend in with the environment. We will protect you at home, on your everyday life and on vacation.
  4. High-Risk Zones - We are especially trained for providing protection in high-risk zones. This includes executive protection, kid-napping, hostage situations and terrorist threats.
  5. Protection under transport - We provide secure transports; escorting VIPs between for instance an airport and a hotel. We also provide protection for valuable objects under transport.
  6. On-site security - On sites when the need for security is constant, On-site security is recommended. An On-site bodyguard detail will stay alert at all times and can, if the situation allows it, cooperate with ordinary security on e.g. boats. An on-site body guard can be assigned to a specific principal or to a group. Related industries might be maritime, aviation, events, office and industry.


Spy Shop Kenya Ltd is a leading provider of bespoke security equipment ranging from arms, professional clothing and tactical equipment for use by Police, Military, Civil defense bodies and individuals.

The Company works closely with leading manufacturers in all defense sectors to ensure that quality meets costs with an assurance of cutting edge designs geared to fit individual needs. 


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