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Sarsilmaz B6

The trigger guard is squared with no checkering or serrations. The safety and slide release levers are built up and checkered to make it easy to access. Unlike the polymer-frame version, the safety on the all-steel B6 is very easy to actuate. One nice feature of this safety is the ability to rack the slide while the safety is engaged. Flip the safety on, rack the slide, and you’re ready to holster.

The grips are made from a smooth black plastic with a very slight, almost non-existent texture. There are small raised thumb rests and no logo of any kind. There’s a circle on the left grip where you would expect to see a medallion or logo, but it is blank. These may be final production runs and they simply didn’t put the time or effort into embossing a logo in the grips. 

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Sarsilmaz CM9

Sarsilmaz CM9 pistol is manufactured in Turkey by company Sarsilmaz. This is a service-type pistol which is most suitable for police and security use, as well as for self-defense. CM9 pistols are based on the Bernardelli / Sarsilmaz B6 pistols, and combine full-size grip (for large magazine capacity and comfortable hold) with shortened barrel and slide (for better concealment). As with other Sarsilmaz pistols, such as Kilinc 2000, CM9 pistols are made from quality materials (forged steel and polymers; manufacturer states service life for this pistol for at least 25,000 rounds) and with fine workmanship. Sarsilmaz CM9 pistols are short-recoil operated, locked breech semi-automatic pistols that use modified Browning-type action with tilting barrel. The barrel is locked to the slide by a single lug, which engages the ejection port.

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Sarsilmaz Shotguns

Turkey has a long tradition of quality gun making. TR Imports has teamed up with some of the finest Turkish gunmakers in a joint venture to bring top quality Turkish firearms to the US market. The Sarsilmaz MG semi auto shotgun is a great example. This auto loader features a performance vent barrel that is deep-drilled from solid 42 chrome moly alloy and has an extremely low coefficient of friction. Optimized for long range shooting, the barrel has a lengthened forcing cone and accepts Beretta Optima compatible choke tubes, five of which are included. The laser marked receiver is lightweight aluminum alloy with a matte black finish. The shotgun is equipped with a Turkish walnut stock with textured gripping surfaces. 

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Sarsilmaz Riffles

The SAR 223 is one of two AR rifles from Turkish gun-maker Sarsilmaz which are new to American shooters. The SAR 223 serves as a standard-configuration AR carbine chambered in 5.56mm.

The SAR 223 has a foldable stock which makes the rifle shorter and it provides easier handling. The integrated Picatinny Rail allows the user to mount lots of accessories such as laser pointers, flash lights, night visions, and flip-up sights. And as an assault rifle it can be mounted with combat accessories such as 40mm grenade launchers.

Turkish-made guns have a reputation for value and quality, and Sarsilmaz has been in the gun business for over 100 years. For more information...

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